Check out my website dedicated to all things alcohol!

As part of a university assessment that took place in the first half of this year, we were to build and promote a website with a theme, a group of 7 of us put together this website here:

There are a number of articles, videos and radio stories I made which are on the site that I’ll also publish here in my blog.

Check out our Facebook too!

Why alcohol?

Alcohol was an important topic at the time, the NSW Lockout Laws  had just been introduced, so it was constnantly in the news. There is also a lot of important aspects to explore regarding Australia’s love/hate relationship with alcohol, and the history behind that relationship. On the other side, the boutique beer and cider industry has been booming in Sydney (and Australia) for a number of years now and the wine industry has been growing for even longer – from a lifestyle, and importantly an online digital media perspective, food and alcohol dominate this online discourse and we incorporated recipes and reviews to bring a lighter side to the website.

Hope you enjoy the site!


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