Memes and .gifs are more than just silly humour

A post dedicated to LT. 


A friend recently posted the following status on facebook: “This time will be remembered as the meme-gif era instead of something… that’s actually good for the world.”

I wonder if she is right, she very well could be. The 2000s: The meme millenium.

Or… the memenium hahaha…

However, I must admit I am a meme and .gif defender and lover, so I came back fighting, declaring that memes and .gifs make this world a better place.

I went on to say:

There are worse things in the world to have floating around the Internet and social media than silly humour that makes people smile and laugh,  and at least we have access to memes and gifs. People in China, where the Internet is government controlled, might not even know the pure joy that can come from a hilarious cultural reference on a repeated loop pattern, or experience the laughter from a silly pun in giant white letters. How will they recover from the Red Wedding without ridiculous memes portraying Jon Snow in hipster glasses? HOW?!?

If you know me well enough then you realise I am clearly being melodramatic, OTT, not serious etc. But that said I am still here to defend memes and .gifs which, frankly, make me love the internet, and love this world. For me, they are those things that put my faith back into humanity.

Rarely these days I see people who are down-to-earth, and I respect down to earth-ness, and it is a quality I love in people and wish I could see more in myself. When I laugh at memes and .gifs I see more than something silly and lame, I see a laid-backness and type of humour that I love, and that point out parts of society that I thought I was the only person that noticed. I feel connected to other people because we’re all laughing at same thing that we all ‘get’, and we’re sharing the cultural joke, the cultural link with people on the other side of the world. I see creativity, I see wittiness, I respect that.  Some of them are just so stupid, and I don’t care, I love that also because sometimes we need stupid humour.

For example this meme of the queen:

This is funny because the Queen looks shitty, and the comment shows a side of the Queen that would obviously be uncharacteristic, and as an Australian, which is a former British colony who is keen to further itself from the Motherland, I find this funny.

I love that the internet is covered in memes and .gifs. It takes away the seriousness of life. The seriousness of the media and the news that we are saturated with on a daily basis, that we can’t escape. Consider these 25 funny memes on North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, turning quite a serious subject of possible WW3 into something lighthearted.

I especially love animal .gifs and memes. I love animals, they’re innocent and cute and make people smile. I also love cats, and I love that people are obsessed with cats on the internet because they really are the cutest of animals.

That there are people making memes for the sole purpose of making others laugh, not JUST for creating revenue from a concert, selling merchandise etc (although they certainly exist), just so people can laugh.

This post here, that claims to have the ‘gif to end all gifs’, starts off with:

I’m not a fan of the proliferation of reaction gifs on the internet. Gifs are crutches for people who can’t express themselves with words. Also, Gifs frequently cause long, boring debates over the correct pronunciation of “Gif.”

The author goes on to say you can just use this gif to end all gifs and ultimately win all arguments ever:

While I don’t really agree with what he starts off with, he raises the right point in saying that this gif trumps all gifs because it points out that yes, NOTHING MATTERS when it comes to gifs, because they are just a joke, just for fun, not serious, do not claim to have integrity, don’t claim to replace journalism, don’t claim to tell the truth, they are just to be laughed at. This gif above does not slam all gifs, it represents all gifs and, according to the post, also represents “an appropriate reaction to 99% of things one sees on the internet.”  – I’ll pay that.