In the beginning…


I am currently  22, feeling old, female, and a student. I live in the magnificent Sydney after a 3-year stint in rival Melbourne. I have decided to start a blog.

As the blog name suggests I am often quite lazy so I generally avoid doing extra intellectual engagement unless it’s for uni, I am being paid or doing an awesome internship, then I am all guns blazing.

I frequently call myself a lazy perfectionist, and annoyingly, both and were taken by people who haven’t blogged in a while, one of them has a total of TWO posts from 2008 (surely WordPress, these blogs can have have a time limit after a long period of no engagement?). However, I was inspired by this website here to choose a name a little more lighthearted, and seeing as I love tea and kittens, I ended up with Tea, Kittens and a Lazy Perfectionist.

Anyway, why am I here now? Why did I finally jump on the blogging bandwagon? I guess there are a few reasons.

1. I study journalism, which I kind of fell into by mistake – a longwinded story I will post about later – so I have learnt a lot about writing in the last year and a half and have come to enjoy and appreciate the skill of writing well (not that I yet possess it, but I hope to). I know a few people who blog and I think it is a really good way of honing in on your writing skills and building up a collection of writing, as well as developing a ‘voice’ so to speak. My favourite online sites that I read regularly are Mamamia and especially Pedestrian TV – I wish, how I wish, that I was witty enough to write like they do.

2. I whinge a lot, I debate, I argue and I have an opinion all the time, sometimes uneducated sometimes education, and I thought instead of annoying my friends, family and  other people’s facebook and twitter newsfeed, I could express my opinion here in my blog. That way a smaller majority aren’t exposed to my ranting. In a job I recently left, I worked with the Not Quite Nigella blogger Lorraine Elliott, who is a very successful blogger, on her recent book of the same name as her blog. But learning about her and how she started really kind of gave me insight into the blogging world and how many people do in fact read blogs and so maybe it isn’t just a wasted cause?

3. I realised that blogs don’t have to be that long. I guess I avoided starting a blog because I thought I would have to write thousands of words, when actually blogs shouldn’t be that long because the attention span of the avid internet user is very short. I should know because my attention span is really short. I did an analysis on an essay written in the early 2000s when blogging was just starting that was really interesting and is still quite relevant that I will share later on.

4.  I actually have TIME… for now. The first three months of this year I was going crazy studying full time and working part time – I barely slept and it was pretty shit because I was doing badly at this job and badly at uni, I felt really down, I vowed I would do so much when I had free time and thankfully I pulled the plug on the job and have literally been catching up on sleep the last few weeks. I hope that I will continue having time and contributing to this doesn’t end up like every time I join a gym and give up after a month or so because I’m so damn lazy.

5. Relating back to that future post I will write about how I ended up studying journalism – I have dabbled in many different things. I am unsure of what I want and when I am sure it lasts for a fleeting second and then changes. I blame most of this on my insecurity and anxiety of which I have a lot of, and my dominating anxiety is what people think of me and whether I am good enough. I don’t know what I want to do with my career, where I want to end up and what I want to be doing, I just want to be good at it and right now I don’t really think I am great at anything. In the process of writing this blog I hope to channel my thought process and perhaps get some clarity. In short, to quote Arj Barker, I need to take a filing cabinet to the toilet, and sort my shit out.

What to expect from my blog?

Please note that the following themes will be frequently visited in this blog: posts about Australian politics, analyses on Australian media, sharing and thinking about interesting articles I find, opinion pieces, reviews, travel writing (when I actually have the money to go somewhere), the occasional feminist post, the anti-homophobia post, a life story, a recipe here and there, new ideas, the meaning of life, ponderings on the life of my gorgeous but naughty cat, and of course many hilarious images, gifs, videos and memes (especially kitten themed ones), because that is what the internet is made for.

Many thanks to those who read my blog. Although it will probably just be me and a random cross-country skier in northern Sweden.

And now, as promised, a happy moment to end my first post. Here we have my favourite video of the week, probably one of my all time favourites: Kitty Refuses to Leave Hot Bath.